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Acrylic Primer
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Before Nanokim Acrylic Primer Coating plaster, used to increase surface adhesion. Provides surface-hardening and water absorption  reduces.


Surface Preparation
Application of the surface must be taken to ensure dust-free, solid, dry, carrier. Surface should be cleaned from any dust and loose particles in the residue which weakens adherence.

Nanokim Acrylic Primer is ready for use. Mixed thoroughly before using. Definetely, water must not be added Nanokim Acrylic Primer.

Method of Application
For maximum penetration surface is pre-moistened. Applied with an appropriate roll. To understand whether the surface can be ready to apply, if enough condition provided decorative coatings can be applied.

Before applying decorative coating plaster, Nanokim acrylic primer must be assured whether it is dry or not.

Depending on surface absorption 0,15-0,30 kg /m2

Packaging and Storage
Packed in 15 kg plastic buckets. Should be stored in unopened original packaging, in a cool and dry place, protected from frost. In dry, frost free environment without the original packaging unopened for 6 months from date of manufacture. Opened packages should be stored in tightly closed and stored in appropriate storage conditions and should be used within a week.

*It is important to be applied in temperature between 5 C, 30 C.
*Application surface must be clean, dry without dust.
*Must be protected from frost.
*All materials must be thoroughly cleaned with water after application.
*Keep out of the reach of children.
*Use the materials which opened as soon as possible.
*Avoid contact with eyes and skin.
*Please consult us in other modes of administration.

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