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In 2013 in Sakarya, plastering and building chemicals for the production of industrial founded nano with a young and dynamic structure is to serve you. NANOKİM ,which is not compromising quality in service, has been identified as a priority to self the satisfaction of customers and employees, sensitivity of society and the environment. Superior manufacturing technology and capacity is serving as supported with continuous new investments and AR-GE activities, and maintaining the privilege of quality and wide range of products in the industry.

NANOKİM can make happy the customers, suppliers, dealers, employees; aims to be a pioneer, honest, innovative, human, respectful of the environment and quality, constantly evolving, friendly in the sector.

As working with E.Q.S principle (Economic, Quality and Safety), keeping the satisfaction of its customers with the high level, NANAOKİM always keeps in the forefront to offer them the right solutions.

It aims to total quality in order to perform the customer satisfaction at the highest level and to ensure continuity and to achieve this goal: It motivate the employees with the source of human consciousness and for change and innovation they would be participants and researchers. It researches the products which can respond to the requests of customers' needs and wishes, improves existing ones and increases the efficiency brings the success of teamwork to the foreground. It shows the utmost care for the safety of human life, the environment and conservation of natural resources.

Our NANOKİM company, which is producing and trading construction chemicals and industrial products,  ensures the legal requirements and standards in matters relating to environmental and safety in related activities our product research and development, procurement, production, storage, transport, application and disposal of waste. It protects the natural resources, makes an effort to reduce the use, applies to the pollution reduction and prevention methods. Within the framework of the system established, it determines the target, ensures constantly upgrading and the continuity with review the performance of the system. It informs the employees, suppliers, customers and the community to improve environmental awareness. It increases the effectiveness of the system and the prevalence by maintaining the accountability practices. 


"Occupational health and safety" is one of the cornerstones of work culture of our company. For this purpose, regularly given training by professional instructors and  "Occupational health and safety" awareness is developed. With this method, the protection of health and safety, the prevention of occupational risks, the elimination of risk and accident factors are targeted.


• Everyone working at our facilities is in a safe and healthy working environment as well as the right conditions to ensure a responsible behavior that has the task of contributing.
Occupational health and safety is one of our key performance indicators, the priority position in sustaining our activities reserved.
To protect the health of our employees and their work environment to make healthy; work accidents and occupational diseases to identify situations that may lead to,
To apply more advanced level in occupational health and safety laws and regulations related to all accept as minimum standards,
To perform a risk assessment and to ensure  taking the necessary measures to avoid these risks,
To continuously improve our occupational health and safety at work performance, to organize training to to improve knowledge and skills of all our employees,
To improve occupational Health and Safety management systems business in an effective way,
To allocate adequate resources in order to reduce business investment budgets in Occupational Health and Safety risks is our main policy.



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Address: Hamitli Mah. Uzuncaorman Sok.No:48/A Hendek / SAKARYA Telephone: +90 850 650 6266 Faks: +90 654 55 00 E-Mail: info@nanokim.net
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